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As part of the North Alabama community for the past 30 years the EarlyWorks Family of Museums preserves, shares and builds on our collective history. Annually more that 160,000 individuals experience the three museums facilities that make up our family. As a non-profit organization we depend upon the support of our community. 

Creativity, Excellence, Integrity and Interactivity


Have a special skills or area of expertise? Chances are we have the perfect job to meet your unique set of skills and talent. 


As a non-profit institution we depend upon generous contributions to continue to provide a place where children can learn and grow. 

The Legacy Project

During the summer of 2019, downtown Huntsville, specifically Alabama Constitution Hall Park, will be the center of the statewide celebration. Tens of thousands of Bicentennial celebrators are expected to visit. Our community has never experienced such a grand opportunity to showcase both its heritage and progressive history. We as a community, need to be prepared! The birthplace of our state - Alabama Constitution Hall needs your help to make sure it is prepared to welcome the world, in 2019 and beyond. 

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